Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bad day.

holy shit. I think I lost my PSLE cert.

I need it for my interview tomorrow. sucks.

And they need my prelim results too which you know, are atroucious.

Screwed, seriously screwed. D:

The photo-developing shop near my house is super jian can. Photocopying there cost 20cents per piece. What a jian shang operating in a monopoly market since there is only one pathetic shop that provides these service.

Oh no and i kinda forgot how plants reproduce. oh man. I am going to reread the primary science syllabus. poor me. :(

I hope both of us will pass the interview tmr. wish us luck!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm back!

Hello world! Long time no see eh? XD I feel kinda lost after As, as in there is nothing much for me to do anyway execpt to slim down and get ready for NS next year. SIGH.


noschoolnocouncilnoworknodance=nolife :(


Spot the difference at Ellen's website is fun! And i am going to relief teach, but currently no school wants me yet! Maybe teaching would become one of my possible careers. heh :)

cycling at east coast park with kwan ling and zhiying. :D

nice right!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

random christmas event!

wahaha blogging in school now, exciting eh! :D

haha dancing is fun! over dance = pain! lol its okay la. worth it. :)

woohoo! lots of dances to dance ard nowadays! :D MASSDANCE2008! :D

hahaha, with contempt nowadays, its better la, can train flex too. lol but painful sia.

woohoo! started with the orientation stuff these few days, okay la efficient lo. so got more time on my hands to play abit! wahaha.

I need to start work soon! save me!

oh wells...

see ya next time.

farewell Mr Loh. :(:(:(:(:(:(

Thursday, November 22, 2007

OMG! YAY! I got into DANCEWORKS 2008! :D

WAHAHAA but its contempt :X

So yupps. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Post Number 81:


It seems that i cant control my nose. The mucus just flows out like there is not tmr la. ( shant use the word) I think i used about 30 pieces of tissue paper. i rather die.

and i am having chest pains too. shit. its unbearable.

i feel like dying....
OMG! YAY! We got 2nd for Butts Off! Woohoo! :D Congrats guys! Ahah! Continue to stay sneakae! :D

And Saturday's contempt with Dan was erm. DAMN HARD! It was ultra technical and tough cos we didnt really have time to practice ourselves and he kept making us repeat the steps again and again! So almost everyone was dying la... maybe except the few pro pple. Yup, i didnt do very cos i couldnt get the techniques rite, especially the jumps and stuff la.. prattice more! XD And i maybe going for the contempt danceworks audition... just to try my luck lol. ahah XD

Oh, and sunday's trip to ubin was nt bad, enjoyed myself quite abit. haha. The participants of the program were interesting, saw many different types of people and they ranged from like 11 to 19. Oh, it was the first time that i went to chek jawa, but the thing is... i didnt see anything due to the high tide! AH! so wasted! but we promised to go ubin to cycle and eat coconut! haha. :) Oh and they said we look professional la. Great job to huihui, kat, kwan, val, zhang jing hans and ME! :D

17 more hours to Dal Segneo ( or whatever it is spelled) haha RV GRAD NIGHT 07! Oh wells, first time being an emcee for such an formal event la. Abit scared but ya, hope it will go on well :) jiayou emcees! :)

Okay its already like 2.20am! ahh! going to slp now! BYE!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Lots of motivation around the J1 western dancers these days...

With only 15 dancer getting into the hip hop danceworks items out of like about 40 plus dancers? So ya the probability of getting in is slim. :( Moreover, there are only 4/5 guys? Weizong, Zhang, Tim, Calvin, Me? Ya we have such a minute amount of guys that if one is not good enough to be in the item, everyone will not get in. One for all, all for one.

Improve! improve! Thats the only way out. :D

Put in your best! Jiayou Jiateng! (rhymes! lol)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Looking Ahead...

HEH geepee was as lousy as usual, my languages and arts were NEVER g

Anyway, its over! :D time to look forward! XD

Content subjects coming next and i need to salvage my pathetic common test results, so yeah FULL SPEED AHEAD!